stour descent

Viewing Points for Stour Descent

Those wishing to view the race have the following options:
Drive to Fiddleford Manor DT10 2BX- there is a car park on the left as you journey down Calf Lane. Then on foot follow road round to the left walking past the Manor House. Continue on- you’ll see the river ahead of you- the path takes past an Archimedes Screw Generator then some sluice gates and eventually to a bridge that stradles the Weir- this provides a wonderfull vantage point from which to witness those brave souls who attempt to shoot is inviting feature!
Drive to Hammoon DT10 2DA- parking is difficult but Bournemouth Canoes will be providing safety at the Weir which lies immediately underneath the bridge that crosses the river as you leave the village and they will advise you where you might leave your vehicle. Most competitors shoot this Weir and hence there is a good deal of entertainment to be witnessed from the bridge!
Drive to Haywards Bridge DT11 0QY- there are car parks either side of the Railway Bridge that stradles Haywards Lane shortly after you join this road from the A357. Once parked you can walk up Haywards Lane to the bridge that stradles the river- this marks the halfway point of the race.
Drive to Durweston and turn into Mill Lane- please park at the top of this road as residents of the flats that are to be found at the end of the road will not be happy if you occupy there paid for bays! Once parked walk down Mill Lane and round to the left. Continue past the Mill’s sluice gates- a footpath takes you around the mill pond to your right- until you come to a footbridge that stradles the main river. This will provide you with a view of competitors probably looking a little fatigued as they attempt to get back up to racing speed having just portage Durweston Weir.
Finally, you can choose to drive to Bryanston School DT11 0PX and follow the road to the Boathouse where there is an extensive parking area and of course the race finish.
Happy viewing 
Tony Fowler- Race Controller

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