stour descent

Stour Descent 2018 important update

A number of would be Stour Descent competitors have been asking why when the Stour Valley Canoe Club is encouraging people to register online it is not making available an online payment service like PayPal or WebCollect! Well the short answer to this question is that this year water levels on the Stour have been until a few day ago at historic lows. The river requires significant flows during the autumn in order to flush through the reeds which in recent summers have been increasingly densely populating long stretches of the river through which the race proceeds. Consequently, there is a very real chance that the we may not be able to produce a navigable channel in time for race day- we have already had parties out on the course undertaking extensive clearance work. If this is the case then we will have to cancel this years race and refund entry fees. Therefore we have taken the decision to hold competitors cheques until we are certain that the race will go ahead. Rest assured that we will be doing our utmost to ensure that the race does go ahead, but please pay attention to the updates we will continue to posts in the run up to Sunday 2nd December. The Stour Valley Canoe Club would also be grateful if would be competitors share this message and other posts with the wider racing community- websites, Facebook pages, etc.

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