Welcome to SVCC


As of Saturday the 3rd April the club will be opening again on a limited basis, TO EXISTING MEMBERS ONLY.  We will NOT be taking any new members on at this moment in time as we feel it is not viable to provide the close-quarters care & attention that new paddlers require while remaining Covid safe.  We will announce here when this changes.

We will be sticking to the same Covid guidelines as before so members should NOTE the changing rooms will be closed, kit cannot be shared, and numerous other restrictions will be in place….see facebook/Whatsapp for the full list.

COVID-19 Risk Assesment – please read

Find out About us here.

The centre for communication at the current time is our facebook group  . This is a public group so you don’t have to be a registered facebook user to see it, but you do in order to comment. Outside of facebook you can reach us via the methods offered on our Contact page.