Welcome to SVCC


As of the 1st May we will be opening up for new paddlers to SVCC. Numbers will however be limited so please do not attend without prior agreement with the club Chairman, Matthew Grimes. The fastest route is to private message him on Facebook, alternatively go to our contact page for other options.

OVERDUE!!: ALL existing members need to go HERE and follow instructions.

From Tuesday 4th May through summer the club will run 6-9pm Tuesday evening sessions, additional to Saturdays. Occasionally these will get cancelled via notice on Facebook so please check there before attending.

COVID-19 Risk Assesment – please read

Find out About us here.

The centre for communication at the current time is our facebook group  . This is a public group so you don’t have to be a registered facebook user to see it, but you do in order to comment. Outside of facebook you can reach us via the methods offered on our Contact page.