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Stour Descent 2018 has been cancelled


Unfortunately, this year we had to cancel Stour Descent due to concerns over paddlers safety.

We had quite severe weather last week, and after considering all circumstances we decided to cancel the race.

Apologies to all, but weather is out of our power.

See you next year

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Important update

Dear members

As your new Chairman I have a couple of things to address, but firstly I’d like to thank Tony in particular for the success he’s had growing our youth section. We now have large numbers turning out on a Saturday morning which is a great achievement.

The increase of the youth sections however does bring with it added work for our adult club members. It takes a lot of time to get our enthusiastic young paddlers down to the launch jetty at the bottom of the long winding path. I also have some concerns about young people carrying heavy boats and equipment unassisted and/or adult members doing all of the carrying and not having the
chance to improve their own skills and enjoy the session. I therefore am setting out new rules for the young/youth paddlers and parents for all club sessions with immediate effect:

  • All paddlers must come with appropriate footwear, this means a soled wetsuit boot, water shoes or trainers but no crocs. Please ask if you need any advice on suitable equipment, we are more than happy to help.

Parents please:

  • Don’t leave young paddlers at the club before signing them in (we now have a
    signing in register)
    Assist helping your young paddler carry boats and any other required equipment to the jetty before they join the instructing team.
  • Be at the jetty for 1130 (Saturday sessions finish at 12 noon but often finish earlier in the winter due to the cold weather) to assist your young paddlers getting off the water and returning boats and equipment to the club storage.

As the colder weather draws in please ensure that you:

  • Stay in the vicinity of Blandford and are contactable, younger paddlers tend
    to get cold quickly and may need to end their session early and we may not
    have sufficient older members to look after them on both water and land.
    (In the past older members have had to forgo their time on the water).
  • Leave your young paddler dry, warm clothing.
  • Any required medication or information on medical conditions must be handed over to the lead instructor that day.
  • We will be enforcing the minimum age of 10 years from now on, of course all of our current young paddlers are welcome to attend but we will not be accepting any new members under 10 years of age unless a parent accompanied them on the water for the duration of the session.

We will be looking at having a couple of river trips for members wanting to develop their skills. These will be run according to ability to ensure maximum benefit to each group.

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding. Why don’t you give it a go? It’s how most of the older members started ;-).

I hope to see you all on the water soon!

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me on 07748403995.

Thanks again, Matt


Christmas paddle 2017

Hot cocoa and mulled wine – special thanks to Rachel


Stour Descent 2017 – films Hamoon weir

“White water smiles” and a bit of carnage on Hamoon weir. Big thanks to Terry Mullen for sharing with us!

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Stour Descent 2017 – Summary

Another very successful ‘Stour Descent’ thanks to so many SVCC members!

Yet again I received many compliments from competitors at the end of yesterday’s race leaving me feeling both proud and humble!


This year members went well ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that we provided competitors with a course that was both exciting to paddle but also safe – Ron with his tractor that’s even older than him, Jules leaping head first into the banks of decaying reeds whilst the male members of the clean-up crew looked on somewhat shame-faced and many others you know who you are- thank you.

And then we had Ray and his team- Carol, Rachel, SARAH (lest I forget), Charlotte and Jackie- all overseen by Jess registering competitors at Sturminster Mill whilst Paul controlled the traffic, thank you.
Paul and Nick sent competitors on their way before journeying down to the finish to join Austen, Richard- and his friends – and yet again Ray. 

Here times were kept and processed in an efficient manner- we’ll forget the

odd hiccup- so thank you. Thank you Tia and Haidee for also helping out at the finish.

Thanks also to Ado and Marcel, our camera crew- their efforts have added yet another dimension to the race and is already proving to be very popular. Thanks to Terry Mullen for sharing his photos from Hammon weir.


And finally, thank you Marshalls- Callum, Matt, Grant, David, Pete, Rob, Tim, Simon, Sam, Josh, John, Ron- and this team the ‘Pig’- Ben, Lewis, the other Ben, Jules, William, Brian and Charles.

Keep paddling!

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Stour Descent 2017 Photos part 1

all images in zip file 250MB

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Christmas party 2017

A big big SVCC ‘THANK YOU’ to Matt for once again organising our Christmas Party and with the support of Sous Chef Spurty thank you too delivering another excellent feast.

I’m led to believe that when it was getting hot in the kitchen Carol showed them some of her holiday snaps taken in environments even hotter- not sure if this helped but thank you to ‘Judith’!

And even in his absence Austen was able to make us all smile with his ‘Face Mats’.

There wasn’t a lot of water around so Saturday saw most of us swimming in Cardiff – well most of those who made it down to the Principality whilst the teenagers paddled and showed how it should be done.

Sunday saw some enjoy the scenery that envelops the River Usk while Julian and Elliot ensured that Simon, Lewis, Spurty and Tony ‘got down and dirty’!

Yes, borrowing down in the nether regions of the Brecon Becons we went Caving and not only discovered what a Blouder Ruckle is but wriggled, twisted, crawled and slid until we had navigated one an episode never to be forgotten so a big thank you to the Herbert-Smiths.
Oh and everybody who was there give yourselves a pat on the back for making it such a great weekend hopefully the pictures will tell the story, however if you want to discover what happened down there in ‘them there’ caves then you’ll have to ask those who were there!


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