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Stour Descent 2017 – Summary

Another very successful ‘Stour Descent’ thanks to so many SVCC members!

Yet again I received many compliments from competitors at the end of yesterday’s race leaving me feeling both proud and humble!


This year members went well ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that we provided competitors with a course that was both exciting to paddle but also safe – Ron with his tractor that’s even older than him, Jules leaping head first into the banks of decaying reeds whilst the male members of the clean-up crew looked on somewhat shame-faced and many others you know who you are- thank you.

And then we had Ray and his team- Carol, Rachel, SARAH (lest I forget), Charlotte and Jackie- all overseen by Jess registering competitors at Sturminster Mill whilst Paul controlled the traffic, thank you.
Paul and Nick sent competitors on their way before journeying down to the finish to join Austen, Richard- and his friends – and yet again Ray. 

Here times were kept and processed in an efficient manner- we’ll forget the

odd hiccup- so thank you. Thank you Tia and Haidee for also helping out at the finish.

Thanks also to Ado and Marcel, our camera crew- their efforts have added yet another dimension to the race and is already proving to be very popular. Thanks to Terry Mullen for sharing his photos from Hammon weir.


And finally, thank you Marshalls- Callum, Matt, Grant, David, Pete, Rob, Tim, Simon, Sam, Josh, John, Ron- and this team the ‘Pig’- Ben, Lewis, the other Ben, Jules, William, Brian and Charles.

Keep paddling!

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